I, a Latin-American artist, woman and, above all things a lover of liberty and infinite respect for all human beings, independent of their origin, race, religion or sexual orientation, in my role as Mayor of the Wynwood Art District, declare my candidacy to occupy the White House and become the first woman president of our Republic.

My government will be comprised of the widest possible gamut of creative individuals representing the full scope of every artistic practice, whose principal role will be to forge a platform from which will radiate across our great nation like a rainbow beacon illuminating the artistic spirit of America.

Artists will be the chief protagonists in my Administration: the political policies of my government will be designed from this perspective and fundamental vision.

To implement this mandate we shall create the necessary mechanisms, such as the budget requirements to fund the administrative goals of my policy proposals.

Among these I propose invading the farthest-reaching sphere of public spaces with uplifting expressions of the cultural arts representing all genres of creativity. This will include expansive murals across the main highways of our cities, programs featuring live music and multi-cultural concerts in all of our public parks and city centers and museums and galleries featuring every current of art imaginable and functioning 24-hours-a-day to better serve our citizens.

My administration will also place a special emphasis with respect to diverse manifestations and expressions of sexuality. We will uphold and value the rights of same-sex couples and marriages and their rights to adoption. We shall do so not only because they have been legally been granted said rights by the Supreme Court of our land but because we firmly believe these are inalienable human rights for all people.

Therefore we will promote in every village, town and city of our nation, a call for tolerance, absolute respect and solidarity for each and every citizen of America, through a permanent public service program employing every form of print, electronic, digital and social media, and featuring pertinent and uplifting imagery and language created by our national assembly of artists.

Additionally, we shall create scenic and tranquil recreational commons to stimulate public demonstrations of affection where citizens can unify their bonds of love, not only for each other but for our beautiful country.

Here we can celebrate the joy of love with a kiss, a hug or tender embrace as the most natural vehicle for expressing human emotion. I propose this initiative because it is my enduring desire that our nation might become internationally recognized not only as “The Land of Freedom,” but the country where respect for individual identity and self expression is valued above all other considerations.

Under by leadership, immigrants will also receive the unconditional support of the state. This is a country that has been forged and strengthened thanks to the active presence of those who have come here from other latitudes to work hard and pursue their share of the “American Dream” and establish themselves as our neighbors.

That is why I shall launch a national survey program to study the special needs of immigrants and to design ample services to support the full integration of our immigrant population, in particular for those who have come here from countries where they have suffered economic hardships, where they and their loved one’s lives have been at risk and their basic human rights have been denied and where conditions remain such that the basic conditions of human dignity are nonexistent.

A vast segment of this immigrant population has fled their countries of origin to arrive in America under terrible circumstances. Many of them reach our shores without economic resources and often in deplorable physical conditions.

This great nation is blessed with boundless human resources and financial capability to aid these people and we are going to use our abundant reserves of kindness and capital to judiciously and compassionately welcome them with dignity into our society.

In doing so we will guarantee that they will receive just treatment and will make certain they will no longer become victimized by unscrupulous members of society that would attempt to exploit their hardships.

To achieve these goals we shall empower a network of first-line professionals whose mission will be to assess the capabilities of each and every immigrant and explore the diverse options available to ensure they become productive members of our labor force and society. We shall then offer them the necessary educational tools to learn English, as well as the opportunity to pursue a trade that will guarantee them a secure future.

In my administration medical attention and health benefits will be considered an inalienable right for each and every citizen of our nation.

Men, women and children, independent of their legal status, will have the privilege of being attended by a network of public hospitals across the width and breadth of our entire union.

Furthermore, to ensure full medical coverage for our population, we shall expand health coverage by creating mobile units and neighborhood clinics making health services easily accessible to everyone.

We must validate the issue of universal health at this historic juncture.

We cannot and will not leave low income families, especially those who are unemployed or under employed without a safety net. Only in this fashion will we earn the respect of the world as a just and progressive nation. Most importantly, I propose that we aspire to achieve this goal with unremitting joy and in the celebration of every day we are blessed with as a miracle of live for each and every American.

My government shall place a particular emphasis on the production of clean energy, especially on solar energy while also exploring other forms of alternative energies and fuels. The United States has been blessed with ample territory and abundant natural resources that provide limitless means to sustain future generations with green power and clean energy.

Our country has always been at the forefront of these efforts and I will consciously strive to assure we remain at the head of technological advances vital to the responsible stewardship of our environment and planet as pioneers of clean energy.

In summary, my government will favor and make paramount arts and culture as the fundamental values to create a sound and happy society.

To achieve this task we shall employ our vast educational system and resources so every citizen will have a role in contributing to healing our society. Likewise, my administration will make education the bulwark of a greater quality of life for all Americans by placing its service above all political expediencies of a Republic, where the citizen and his health, happiness and wellbeing, shall be the ultimate measure of all things.