Miss Wynwood

In office, she tackled Wynwood’s high crime and drug rates by professionalizing the municipal police force, with college degree officers, higher salaries, new police vehicles, and a variety of mobility devices (including roller skates, electric cars and pink bikes), allowing the police to have a faster response time. As a result of her innovative ideas crime fell dramatically. Without political experience or an established party machine behind her, Miss Wynwood consulted experts, hired top-notch administrators and listened to their advice about everything from setting the budget to running public services.


Miss Wynwood 

MW-web_0014_Capa-14-copia-4 She is Happy!

MW-web_0014_Capa-14-copia-4 She’s the FAVORITE!!!

MW-web_0014_Capa-14-copia-4 She rather be dead than a dweeb!

MW-web_0014_Capa-14-copia-4 She’s Bipole – r!

MW-web_0014_Capa-14-copia-4 She’s the Queen of Piña Coladas and Guaguanco!

Miss Wynwood Freedom’s Pledge

Miss Wynwood 
Freedom’s Pledge

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Miss Wynwood aterriza en Bogotá para presentar su campaña presidencial
Nina Dotti y su Miss Wynwood

From March 15 to May 20 the Venezuelan Nina Dotti is exhibited in the collective “PAS” of the Christopher Paschall sXXI Gallery of Bogota

Miss Wynwood’s Campaign arrived to Colombia’s MAC
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