Reasons To Pursue Freedom

We all have the power to create happiness, the power to make life free, beautiful and turn it into a wonderful adventure.

Arts Connection Foundation 

Arts Connection presents interdisciplinary programs to promote diverse and unique events to explore fundamental topics facing the contemporary society.
 Arts Connection works  providing support primarily for the development of new work by South Florida-based artists and researchers. 

We All Have Rights

Since its conception Miss Wynwood has accompanied and proposed concrete actions in the fight for the rights of the LGBTI community.

Cada 15 Segundos

The project "Every 15 seconds" was born from a meeting organized by women sensitized about gender violence. In August 2015, in Books and Books bookstore in Miami, "Tatuaje de lágrimas", the third novel by journalist and writer María Elena Lavaud, was presented on this subject.


I propose that we be in solidarity with each other. We have to help each other to preserve peace in the world. Let's be happy and live a nice and nice life. Without hating or harming anyone.


To build a space of friction between electoral campaigns as a discursive possibility and artistic practices as a common path for alternative actions. Invite, taking into account these two means, to shape options for critical reflections in a way that is both democratic and vindictive.


"Because we all share this planet Earth we must learn to live in harmony and peace between ourselves and with nature. This is not just a dream, but a necessity”. Dalai Lama.